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Your Dentist in Crown Point Shares 10 Dental Advancements

November 27, 2017

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woman smiling happy With each passing year, the dental world keeps advancing. So much, it can be amazing to understand the leaps and bounds that have lead us to the modern world of dentistry we have today.

In this week’s blog post, we’re going to discuss the top 10 dental innovations in the past several years with your dentist in Crown Point.

1.     Oral health can be linked to low testosterone in men.

Recently, dentists have found a connection between lower testosterone levels in men and periodontal disease (advanced gum disease). After studying a closely related primate, scientists found that castrated males showed signs of gum disease compared to those who were not.

2.     Your dentist may not need needles for local anesthetic.

Although local anesthetic is used to help patients, many are scared to even initially receive the shot because it’s normally administered with a needle. Now though, dentists may be able to mix anesthetic hydrogels with a polymer to enable it to stick to the mouth’s lining.

3.     Composite restorations in the future may be created from glass.

Composite resin helps with many restorations and dental work, but bioactive glass is the future of dentistry. This material is made with compounds like silicon oxide, calcium oxide, and phosphorous oxide and it resembles powered glass.

4.     Gum disease can be linked to highly deadly cancer.

Have you ever heard of porphyromonas gingivalis? This is a bacteria that causes gum disease and is linked to esophageal cancer, a deadly disease. Over half of patients that had been diagnosed have been found to have the bacteria within their mouths.

5.     Multiple metal fillings can cause toxic levels of mercury in the blood.

This idea has been studied over the years and a new study has been found that the danger of mercury poisoning is a real threat. If you have more than 3 metal fillings in your mouth, you should consider having them replaced with tooth-colored composite resin.

6.     Dentistry may design a pill to prevent cavities!

Tooth decay is one of the biggest threats to your smile and your dentist is constantly working to fight it. Now, there may be a pill that can help you prevent cavities and save the strength of your smile for much longer.

7.     There are chemicals that can damage baby teeth.

The chemicals found in water bottles, preserved food containers, and other plastics can permanently weaken your child’s teeth. These chemicals can disrupt hormones that stimulate your little one’s oral development.

8.     Mouthbreathers can experience more cavities.

If you breathe with your mouth open—especially at night—you may be inviting new bacteria and into your mouth. This can further develop tooth decay and cavities.

9.     Bacteria may not be all bad.

Common oral bacteria ha an enzyme that’s present in human saliva. This particular enzyme has potential as a therapy for celiac disease (CD), an autoimmune disorder that causes people to experience digestive problems when they consume gluten.

10.  Your dentist may not have to use a dental drill in the future.

There’s a new revolutionary dental resource that may eliminate dental drill use. A simple, diagnostic liquid solution can be applied to the surface of teeth instead. Before your detnal x-ray, your dentist will do that and the liquid will help dentists to more readily see decayed teeth without anesthesia or drilling.

Our dental team may be able to help you by using modern dental practices when you choose to visit your cosmetic dentist in Crown Point.

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