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Dentist in Crown Point Says What to Do in an Emergency

May 6, 2017

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Emergency dentist in Crown Point replants knocked out teethHave you ever had a dental emergency–a knocked out tooth, for instance? It’s scary, isn’t it? Did you know what to do? At Advanced Dental Concepts, your emergency dentist in Crown Point says to plan ahead for urgent dental matters with some first aid knowledge and ready to use supplies. Both Dr. Danny Hayes and Dr. Shaun Freeman want your condition stabilized and treated, your pain relieved and your oral health restored. Here’s advice on dealing with the unexpected.

What is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is an pressing oral health situation which occurs suddenly and unexpectedly. It may involve one or more of the following:

  • Bleeding and pain due to oral trauma
  • Loss of oral function (can’t chew properly or open or shut the jaw)
  • Impairment of personal appearance
  • Damage to a prosthetic appliance such as a denture
  • Loss, displacement or fracture of a tooth or restoration such as a crown
  • Severe dental abscess (infection) with drainage, fever, swelling and oral discomfort
  • Laceration of the gums or other soft oral tissues

The American Academy of Family Physicians says that 22 percent of Americans have experienced oral or facial pain in the past six months, and a full 12 percent have had a toothache. So urgent oral health problems are fairly common.

You Can Plan Ahead

Just as many households have medical first aid kits, families should also have a dental emergency kit containing simple supplies usable in the event of a lost tooth or oral bleeding. Carry it with you on a trip especially when the children are along.

Dr. Hayes and Dr. Freeman suggest stocking your kit with these inexpensive items:

  • One to two pairs of vinyl exam gloves
  • Bottled water to wash away debris
  • Dental floss to dislodge something caught between the teeth
  • Ibuprofen or acetaminophen for pain relief
  • An Ice pack to reduce swelling
  • Sterile 4x4s for direct pressure on an oral laceration
  • Orthodontic wax to cover a broken tooth
  • Orajel topical pain relieve

Additionally, put the phone number for Advanced Dental Concepts in your contacts. A caring staff member will answer your emergency call, give you advice and book a same-day appointment if necessary.

Responses to These Common Emergencies

The following are examples of common dental emergencies and what actions you can take.

Avulsed (knocked out) tooth Rinse any debris off the tooth with water. Grasping it by the crown, place its roots down into the empty socket. Get to the dental office right away. If you cannot replace the tooth, put it in a sealed container with milk or water, or hold it between your cheek and gums as you travel. Many avulsed teeth are saved if replanted within an hour of injury.

Cracked tooth, filling, denture or crown Save the pieces in a sealed container and bring them to Advanced Dental Care. The dentist may use composite resin to repair the damage, or he may have to crown the broken tooth or replace the prosthetic as needed.

Broken or dislocated jaw  This is a medical emergency. Go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Oral laceration Using a sterile 4×4 gauze pad or clean cloth, place direct pressure on a cut to the tongue, lips or other soft tissues.  If bleeding does not stop in 10 to 15 minutes, go to the ER for treatment.

Your Dental Team Will Respond

Dr. Hayes and Dr. Freeman prioritize your oral health. That’s why they are winners of the Neighbors’ Choice Award from the Post Tribune. If you have an urgent dental problem, be sure to

Contact Advanced Dental Concepts , your emergency dentist in Crown Point immediately. Count on prompt, precise and compassionate care!

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